It’s Cold Out But I Want To Look Cute

Some winter weather gear isn’t exactly the prettiest, but I hate freezing my but off for fashion. Try basics and add accessories. For example my favorite armor against the winter chill is a pea coat. I wear a long black wool pea coat that goes down to about my knees. Underneath I wear a sweatshirt. Zip-up hoodies are my favorite because they unzip when I get too hot in a store or a building. You don’t have to break the bank to own a pea coat. Try Burlington Coat Factory, trust me no one can tell if it’s designer or not as long as it’s made well. But as a warning if you wear it to a party you’ll probably never see it again and wind up with someone else’s, because a lot of people own black pea coats. And since a lot of people own a black pea coat you may not feel unique, but that’s fixable. Add a unique scarf to your ensemble, such as leopard or a brighter solid color. I personally love my houndstooth and black sparkly scarves.

I also like to wear a pair of black leather gloves to keep out the chill. Pleather works too for animal lovers. These can get expensive so try looking at your local discount clothing stores such as TJ Maxx or again Burlington Coat factory.

To keep my feet warm I wear either black, brown or my pumpkin pie colored boots. I purchased mine at a discounted shoe store like Barefeet Shoes. All of the boots I have purchased cost $40 or less a pair. If you dont have a lot of money in the bank I suggest you start with a black pair being that black matches just about everything. Also I suggest you think about practicality. Check the grip on the bottom. Are they good enough for ice or slippery sidewalks? Also make sure you can walk distances in them, even if you think you’re only going to walk a few blocks. Yes, the thigh-high stripper boots look fun to wear but can you walk around in a heel that high all of the time and on ice or in the rain?

Examples: (I didnt check prices, I just wanted to show the examples.)

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